Ahh..The Universe

It is a common theme on here that I truly believe the Universe has a wicked sense of irony and a dark sense of humor.

Last Monday, H’Appy went for his lameness eval and it turned out t was exactly as I thought: crap feet and a sore back from saddle fit. He got his new shoes put on that same afternoon and was given the vet prescribed week of pasture rest and bute.

His right front X-ray. You can see the long toe that needed to come off and his lack of sole. The alignment was great though

Last week the weather was gorgeous. A bit hot and humid still, but the mornings and evenings were cool and the sun was shining. Nice weather to ride in. Or you know to walk your horse with expensive footwear in and out of the barn for food. Either works I suppose.

This week. Now this week I was allowed to do ground work Monday and if all looked good I could hop on for a light flat school Tuesday. I was excited. If all went right we could finally be back on track feeling good and working towards goals. I was a bit bummed when my body work lady rescheduled his Sunday session to this Saturday as I was hoping to get him feeling his best muscle wise before I hopped on and while still on the bute, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

The front left. Also long toe and no sole but with the added bonus of crap angles and a low heel. This foot got a leather wedge pad.

And then Monday dawned cloudy but dry. I left work at 500pm and was excited to get to work the big orange beastie. I pulled into my drive and the sky opened up dumping a ton of rain on me. Ok…it can’t last long. I’ll feed the horses and start dinner and by the time Dusty is home it should be clear. And clear up it did. Until he came home after an emergency c-section at close to 7pm and the skies opened up once again.

No working him Monday.

Yesterday the day was clear and bright but cool and wonderful. I figured I’d lunge him first to watch him go and then hop on him if all looked good. Hahahahahahahah!!!

Yup. You guessed it. Once dinner was started and I was heading out the door to ride it decided to pour once again. As of writing this Wednesday morning it still hasn’t stopped.


I’m telling myself that waiting isn’t a bad thing. More time off can only help his feet heal and after waiting 5 months what is another few days to a week?

In the meantime I’m making plans. Nothing set in stone but I’m looking towards the fall and penciling in some fun horse times because damnit after the summer I’ve had with him I deserve it!!! Between some hunter paces and a couple local schooling jumper shows it could be quite the exciting fall and early winter around here. If the weather cooperates and if my horse is sound. You know, the minor details.

22 thoughts on “Ahh..The Universe”

  1. Well, you DID tell me to send the rain your direction… In my defense, it only work in so much as sending you rain while also keeping it here too? I walked out of work last night into a downpour. Crossed state lines and it was damp. Crossed state lines again? Completely dry. I have a 22 minute/15 mile commute… Anyway, I’m getting MORE rain tonight, but I tried to do what you asked? Sorry…

    Either way, hopefully you can do ground work and hop on soon!!!

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  2. rain here this am too. OF COURSE IT RAINED. Stephanie was coming over this afternoon for us to GET ON REMUS!! OMG…I think its too messy. Farrier comes tomorrow but I at least wanted to sit on him before the cold front tomorrow. Not having a ring doesnt help. UGH

    Poor you hopefully you get to lunge the big orange beast soon….and watch out for Sarah she sends bad things like rain and wasp stings etc 😉 HA HA HA (Just kidding Sarah)


  3. I grew up riding in the rain. It was about a thousand years ago and we all had canvas riding coats that strapped around our legs so we did not get wet. We just sweated on the inside of them and got wet from the inside out. My horse also had thin soles and my farrier recommended Keratex. I have used it for three years now with success. Maybe you have already tried it but I thought I should suggest it anyway.


    1. My first lesson on him was in a downpour and quite fun. I was more wet from sweat than rain by the end. I was using keratex for months and no real change. I can’t use it with his pads in place but if he graduates out of them I’ll use it again


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