Wow…It Has Been Awhile

I’m sitting outside my work having locked my keys inside the building with no way to get home or back in. Editing may suck on this because I’m using my phone with frozen fingers.

That gives you a bit of insight on how crazy life has been for me lately. My brain isn’t functioning very well.

But I’m still here as are the horses. At least 90% of the horses. H’Appy keeps losing pieces of himself in an attempt to drive me to my grave.

I rode him Friday when I saw the above and I think he was ever so slightly off in that hoof. I texted the farrier who had no idea how he could have managed it but there isn’t anything to do so I’m mindfully ignoring it while squirting Thrush Buster up there and painting the hoof with keratex. He is either going to live until he is 50 to plague me or die in the next year. It’s a toss up.

The ride itself was pretty good despite my concerns over the hoof. I added a 2′ vertical along the opposite rail of the cross rail and managed to clobber it a few times before making it over. Typically he is pretty careful and excited to jump and the times he hasn’t wanted to leave the ground were when he was hurting which is why I think the hoof hurt him. Dusty said it wasn’t there that morning so whatever he hit it on happened during the day.

Anyway. I continue to be pleased that he never says no to a jump or takes a second look and our rides have followed the same theme of late. Namely his early ride temper tantrum continues to be a thing of the past but will show up once he gets fatigued which I understand. More conditioning work once weather allows will help that. Even when it does show up he isn’t as committed to the effort as he once was and I’m quick to end it as soon as he caves in so hopefully he is learning that good things happen to good ponies.

Canter work is also a priority for me. I really really want to start cantering courses but in order to do that I need to get a whole lot better at steering and controlling my body in the canter on the flat. I think once I get more comfortable in the canter itself and learn to set the poop down instead of bracing through the stirrup, the course work won’t seem so intimidating.

In other not news, Pete and H’Appy continue to play much to the annoyance of No Fun Gem.

And really that is all. Life is boring around here folks. I’m currently gathering my surgery cases for case submission as the final part of my boards certification process and that is about all the stress I can manage.

17 thoughts on “Wow…It Has Been Awhile”

  1. Such talent!!! Though “Random Hoof Crap” is not a talent you’d like him to have 😂 Glad though most of the other stuff he used to do is basically a thing of the past- he definitely is not a stoic guy and will let you know when he’s uncomfortable!


  2. ha sometimes boring is GOOD!! so annoying about locking yourself out tho, lol, i *hate* when i do that…. good luck finishing up prep for your boards! and in the meantime, i’m so happy to hear that saddle time has been pretty smooth sailing!


    1. There is a ton to work on and improvements to make but it is nice to get past the “lets just survive this ride” stage and begin figuring out ways to work him. He is a much more mental ride than Gem in a lot of ways and it’s fun figuring him out


  3. Hopefully nothing comes of the hoof thing (seriously H?!) and you get your shit together with the canter. I can say that only because after many months of not cantering, I’m in the same boat and 2 minutes every other day doesn’t exactly help progress that. So cheers to cantering!


    1. I think his hoof will be a source of frustration until I retire him at an age way younger than I’d like. I care the PPE vet for not even mentioning the hooves on exam and instead focusing on a nonexistent navicular finding that all other vets say looks perfect. But such is life.


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