Reflecting on January

Returning to journaling has reminded me how important reflection is to help set the path you want to be on. I only made one goal for 2019, live more, and I’m doing my best to let go of work and chores and enjoy this ride while I’m able to.

Monthly reflections will be a new feature for me and I hope to use them to not only look back, but to make small plans for the next month in order to continue getting more out of myself.

Waggy has no energy for reflection

At the beginning of 2019, I brought back some habits I had tossed aside in 2018 in favor of less stress. However, these activities turned out to be pretty essential to my overall well being. Wyatt will always be my first priority and I’ve made no specific goals beyond “doing the thing”, but even with that loose guideline I’ve found myself finding the time to fit these in now that I’m back to tracking them. Let’s take a look at how January went.


I rode 7 times breaking down into 4 flat and 3 jump schools. Zero lessons happened but I’m currently without a trainer and not worried about it. This number may seem paltry compared to most who ride 6 days in a single week, but for me and my life this is a big win right now.

I’m starting to really enjoy the view from between these orange ears. 

H’Appy started off not particularly enthused with heading back into more consistent work but every ride he improved and now his typical first 10 minute temper tantrum has disappeared completely. A big yay for that nonsense to be gone. It does rear its head again once he gets fatigued or if I give him too long of a walk break and he thinks he is done, but as we move towards spring and the weather becomes more temperate again I should be able to build his fitness which should reduce this.

Heading into next month I’d like to start stringing small courses together with an eye towards a schooling jumper show March 23rd.


9 runs for a total of 16.98 miles.

Things were starting off really well with a nice run/walk balance until an old injury showed back up. When I was running in 2017 I suffered through some nasty left buttock pain and cramping which I thought was piriformis syndrome but all the stretching and strengthening didn’t touch it. When I began running this month, I was happy to note that there wasn’t even a twinge but my last several runs ended up with me feeling crippled into the next day. I’ve set up a PT appointment with my favorite therapist so hopefully it can be fixed for good since a year of rest didn’t resolve the issue.

Spent a misty cold Saturday creating a race track in the arena for Wyatt’s hot wheels cars to race on. 

Heading into next month I’m excited to get into PT  and make a game plan on how to fix me.

Work/Life Balance

Zero days off but I did force myself to leave work on Fridays at 330 so I could sneak in a ride before getting Wyatt. It’s only 90 minutes early but it really made a big difference in how I viewed the work week.

I found yoga videos on the treadmill and have added 20 minutes of yoga after each run. Wyatt and Dusty joined me one night and it made me so so so happy

I’ve got case submissions for the second part of my surgical boards so February may not look the same as January but I plan to head into the month with some scheduled hours off to help avoid burning out.

Tracking sugar may seem silly, but when you work in an office where people are constantly dropping off donuts, cookies, brownies etc…it is easy to pig out on the daily. Only splurging 4 days, and those occurred mostly on the weekend, was really good. 

Living Life

We went on 2 new adventures this month, both requiring me to take a deep breath, put aside my type A tendencies and ignore a whole lot of chores/work that needed done.

Snow tubing adventures in NC. Left a 45F and sunny day and drove to the mountains where it was 27F and windy. It was a blast!

It was 100% worth it and had a huge impact on me not feeling like all I do is work: work at work and work at home.

Heading into next month I’d like to continue to look for opportunities to walk away and ignore my responsibilities a couple of days and solidify some travel ideas for the summer.

Also tracking water consumption. I’m terribly dehydrated 90% of the time and it makes me tired and feel punky. I have a 750 mL bottle at work and each water drop is drinking one of those. I’m getting better about it. 

Favorite part of the month

Hands down the best part was the trail ride with Wyatt on Gem and me on H’Appy. It was perfection.

The best day

Overall Feeling

January was a great month which feels odd to say since the weather was absolute crap with more rain and gloom and an overall soggy atmosphere. Had I not done the things above it really would have been a bad month full of feeling unfulfilled and listless, so I’m really pleased to see to the impact that these little activities had.

Heading into next month I want to continue tracking my habits, riding, running and moving into a healthier version than I’ve let myself sink into last year. I’ve got a bit of a hole to dig out of to get there, but I think I’m on the right path.

19 thoughts on “Reflecting on January”

  1. Love this! And what a great way to think back and remember all the good that came out of each month. I feel like humans in general tend to focus on the negative that doing something like this is good for everyone involved. Glad you had a great January and hope all goes well with your boards!


  2. i love this too 😉 i’m trying to be more reflective lately too, and i find that not only does it help me better understand where things stand for me, but it’s also helping me make better choices and be more mindful moving forward. congrats on a wonderful January !


  3. Wow I really love this idea. Also, way to start the new year off so well despite horrible weather! You got outside a lot which is impressive!
    I honestly have huge kudos to give. With you as an MD and your husband a DVM, I’m honestly impressed with how much you do/get done outside of work!


  4. Good for you on all of it!! Most of all riding but the rest is great as well :)!! I need to drink more water and less coffee but if i am stressed it is either coffee or wine and since I work from home coffee is better HA HA HA

    And you guys need to go on a family trail ride again. I love all those photos so much!! 🙂 It is so cute Mark told me after seeing him that he could lead Tate if we wanted to go for a ride and i ride Remus. I was like that is sooo nice but all I could picture is Tate dragging Mark down the road and Remus shying like a doofus! 🙂 HA HA HA

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love that idea of tracking things. I, too, need to get on the “drink more water” bandwagon. The daily mileage tracking for walking/running with the dogs has been really good — I always take them out, regardless, but there’s been several times I was trying to hit a particular milestone and it made me go “just a bit more” than I might have otherwise gone on a particular day. That’s a really cool-looking notebook, too! Can you add/remove pages to it?


    1. Your killing the walk to Mordor. I haven’t even gone far enough to get color on my graphic 🙂

      I love this notebook. The pages snap in so you can move them, use different type of paper (graph, grid, ruled) and they have all sorts of dividers, rulers etc you can get too. It’s TUL brand and I got mine from Staples I believe (though don’t quote me because I call every single office store Staples regardless of the name so it may have been Office Depot).


      1. Sweet…just found/ordered one on Amazon. This year is turning into the year of “write down/journal all the things” because I’m tired of having ideas in my head, only to turn around and not have them when I need them because I’ve got *too* much stuffed up in there.


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