Reflecting on March

Another month has flown by and with it has come longer and warmer days. I swear this year is moving faster than any in the past. Don’t blink folks. Overall the month of March was a pretty awesome one even with some blips on the radar.

This picture is probably my favorite of the month. The evening sun was gorgeous

The January and February reflection posts were really beneficial in helping me see the bigger picture of my life and to help focus me moving forward. I’m doing a lot better with my mental space having realized that I probably had a tad bit of depression after a really rough 2018 that saw every project I touched fall apart and a few big, long term dreams die a horrible death. I’m crawling my way back though and returning to the motivated, take no prisoners, life is too short to be so serious person I used to be.


Heading into March my big plan was to hit up the schooling H/J show. That didn’t happen and I’m 100% fine with that. First, the day before the show he had his hoof resected and second, well we have been making some really good progress at home and I didn’t think it was in his best interest to add a layer of stress right when we were on the brink of some pretty good break throughs. Show season here is in full swing and there are schooling opportunities every weekend, missing this one isn’t a big deal.

Also love this one. It shows his naughty streak while trying to play it off. He is full of personality.

With the dryer weather and longer days I was able to get in 10 rides which was nearly double what I managed in January and February. The rides were mostly focused on ground pole work which helps keep me on track with my plan and gives H’Appy’s little squirrel brain something to focus on. He started off with a murderous rage at being asked to nicely go over some trot poles, but now he is relaxed and easy going about any configuration I’ve been able to conjure. Likewise, the canter work is really starting to come together with moments of great relaxation starting to show up more and more frequently.

Needed new pads as his are not drying out between rides and are gross. I got bored with plain, dark navy and splurged on a bright teal. His bright orange coat is hard to match but it does pull this color off.

We did manage to squeeze in a lesson with a new trainer though I don’t think she is the one for us. While her techniques saw us have some pretty great breakthrough moments and she finally got me to understand a basic concept that was eluding me, her way of going about it didn’t sit well. I’ve now had one trainer be too nice and sugar coating and one be too aggressive and mean. I need to find something in the middle.

Heading into April, I want to try out a new training situation and already have a day marked off my work schedule to fit it in. At home, I want to continue working on relaxing the canter and add some more work out in the field to give us the option of conditioning hacks versus always being in the arena.


Yeah..I quit. The butt hurt, PT took up more time and when I can only squeak in either a ride or a run, the ride will always win out. Sorry body, you lose.

Saw this lovely snake while bush hogging the back pasture. I was so glad I didn’t run him over. A Red Tail Hawk was circling over head and I probably sounded insane when I screamed “If You even think about eating my snake I’ll kill you!”

Heading into April, I see no change. Boards are coming up so my typical 830 pm run/walk on the treadmill while Wyatt sleeps is now going to study time. Perhaps in May. Perhaps not. I’m not stressing about this.

Work/Life Balance

This month actually went a lot better than I feared it would at the end of February. I did sneak in one full day off of work for a lesson, I completed my PT and in general had a much better out look on it all.

Work has started the spring slow down which always helps. Deductibles aren’t met yet so most people are putting elective foot surgery off until later in the year and this frees up my Fridays a lot more though studying is now ramping up for Medical Boards in May.

Dusty and I had our first date since November 2017. Yup, almost 1 1/2 years. We went and saw Book of Mormon which was hysterically funny, made more so by the folks who attended not knowing it was by the South Park creators and got all huffy about it.

Heading into April I already have two Friday’s booked out: one for my birthday and one for when End Game opens. Have I ever mentioned how much of a Marvel nerd I am? It helps that they are all extremely good looking.

Living Life

Well, I still haven’t booked that trip to Seattle, but I need to and this is a good reminder of that. My plate has been full with other things and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner, but I am running out of time to get early specials.

No major events happened in March, but we had a lot of fun in our day to day lives. With the longer, warmer and more importantly dry days, we are spending every possible second outside playing, working and getting stuff done. It feels good to shake off the winter blues.

Wyatt continues to work hard on building his own franchise in the back yard. I keep telling him that DHEC won’t approve it, but he doesn’t seem to let that phase him. Burgers to be offered soon!

I did lose another 4 pounds bringing my total to 9 pounds in 2 months!!! I have 2 more to get to my goal weight and then I’m going to have to figure out how to shift to maintaining.

Dusty did spring vaccines on time and without nagging which is a first. H’Appy was very interested in what was going on that didn’t include him. He is extremely nosy.

Moving into May, I want to get over Boards and we have an overnight escape planned in Atlanta in the middle of the month while Dusty runs 100 miles and Wyatt and I have a Mommy-Son getaway. I can’t express how excited I am about this simple one night away.

Favorite Part of the Month

Honestly, my favorite part is…me. My change in attitude and mindset has been life changing. I refuse to look at the negative, I’m learning that it is ok to revel in your own achievements and to let go of the perfect picture in my head.

Overall Feeling

March went really, really well. Sure we aren’t showing. Sure I’m not doing complicated grid work or cantering a 2’3″ course, but I no longer secretly hope H’Appy had colicked and died over night so there is that. Things are moving forward and each ride has a lot of small steps towards a happy and cohesive partnership in the no longer super far off future. I wish my lesson had been better and I wish I could say I have a trainer, but I’m working on that and enjoying the process while I do.

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    1. It’s a pretty neat set up has a door on hinges too. Except he wants to serve goat meat burgers. Says he can kill them himself with his bow. I’m guessing he has his eyes set on the neighbors goat farm as his supplier.


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