Karma Is A Real Bitch

Sometimes in life you get exactly what you deserve.

M has been living with us since August and while she is a nice young lady who is kind to Wyatt and follows most of the rules, there are things inherent to having a 17 year old stranger live with you that can drive a person such as myself a bit crazy.

The Monday before Christmas she was home alone. School was out and Wyatt had asked to go to work with Dusty. He loves to watch the surgeries and “help” the front desk ladies. I was at work myself. I came home at 5:30 and saw a note from FedEx on the door with a missed delivery. I admit I was annoyed. Why not answer the door? I knew Dusty was waiting on one last package to arrive and I was frustrated she couldn’t bother to get the door.

Dusty said his package was coming UPS and had no idea what FedEx was bringing. I had him look up the tracking number on the notice and he saw a city he didn’t recognize. His package was coming from Florida and this was a foreign address. He assumed it was from Sweden and M confirmed she was awaiting a package from a friend back home.

Admission #2 here. I was rather gleefully cackling inside at this turn of events. M screwed herself out of getting her own package by ignoring the door. Served her right. Yes, I’m petty and mean like that. With Christmas Eve and then Christmas the next chance she’d have to get to FedEx to pick it up wouldn’t be until Friday. Sucked to be her.

Well, Friday came and Dusty took her to FedEx to get the package. He quickly called me. The FedEx guy told him it was not from Sweden as he had assumed, but instead it was from…..France.

It was my Cambox. Waiting patiently for me at FedEx since two days before Christmas.

I laughed out loud. Served me right to be so mean. Karma strikes again. I really deserved that since had I been nicer we would have gone that night or Christmas Eve day and I wouldn’t have been spending hours trying to contact Cambox to figure out where my camera was.

Of course, I’m not the only one to blame here. Had she just answered the door none of this would have happened. Or had Dusty not assumed it was from Sweden and instead had googled the city, we would have known it was from Cambox. Or had Cambox sent the right tracking number.

But at the end of the day had I not been a vindictive petty you know what, I wouldn’t have been so stressed trying to contact Cambox for days on end.

Live and learn. Always be nice. It’s the right choice every time.

16 thoughts on “Karma Is A Real Bitch”

  1. Ugh FedEx did the same thing to me. Except, they never rang my doorbell. They just snuck up to the door and stuck a note to it. Not even the dog heard them. AND my nearest FedEx pickup spot is a half hour drive… and closed most of the weekend. Fun times. Glad you cambox got delivered ok!


  2. HAHAHA!!! I’m cackling b/c I would of had those same thoughts about M not getting her package as you did!! Though why didn’t Fed Ex just leave it by your door? It’s not like you’re in a neighborhood with people driving by stealing packages….ugh Fed Ex.


  3. Oh dear. What a roller coaster. I am glad that it arrived though. I can imagine how suddenly getting a 17 year old can be frustrating. When you raise them, by the time they are 17 you are battle scarred and tend to expect little.

    But hey, kids are great. Have a dozen. 😀 😀


    1. Its really hard because her style of being raised isn’t the same as how we raise our own kiddo and eventhough we are told to treat her as our own, some battles arent worth picking with a person only here for 9 months.


  4. If it makes you feel better, I got a package from UPS yesterday and they left it with a location of…other. Where was it? Half way down my driveway on my neighbor’s lawn… FedEx isn’t better (though most of the time packages do make it to my garage). Our FedEx driver took out our mailbox once, stuck it back together, and sped off. Our neighbor saw it (but didn’t tell us for a few weeks). If we have the wrong FedEx driver from the different distribution center, they toss our packages on the road which is NOT anywhere near our house… I’ve also had FedEx leave signature required stuff without knocking (or they knock on the garage?!?!)… I hate delivery people!


  5. Now that you mention it, my mom was home all day, waiting for my Cambox to arrive, and they left a note but she said she didn’t hear anything either. So I then had to go to a FedEx office to grab it too lol. They aren’t very good when it comes to needing to sign something apparently lol.


  6. Did you actually get your cambox? We missed a package, had to go to the store to pick it up, and it was just a stupid shirt and a note saying the cambox was coming. WTF. Not only do I not want that, but we had to go out of our way to pick up the stupid thing.


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