Weekend Getaway

While it isn’t feasible for us, monetarily or time wise, to show M the entire USA, I have been trying my best to fit in ways to show off some of the different parts of the east coast. She knows SC well and has been up to NC many times. We managed to sneak in a work trip to FL in the fall to show her the Gulf Coast and the Everglades which was unexpected. She is an avid skier, spending a week every February traveling to Austria/Germany/Italy to ski, and I started thinking that maybe we could manage a short trip up north somewhere to get her a tiny taste of American skiing. It wouldn’t be as nice as going to Colorado, but it was better than nothing.

My bestest little man

I made plans way back in December for the end of February which was nice because then I snagged a pair of ski bibs and a nice coat for Wyatt for Christmas which he enjoyed getting once he realized what they were for. Those plans ended up dying the week of the trip which sucked a tad because then I had to eat my deposit, but a quick google search found a great spot closer to home and since it was the weekend after a holiday weekend, rooms were still available.

Getting his skis. He was super excited to try skiing for the first time

We grabbed the kids from school at lunch time on Friday so that it would still count as a full day of school for them and made the drive to Massanutten Virginia arriving just after dinner time. We checked into the two bedroom townhouse and settled in for the night.

M helped Wyatt out a lot. He was pretty ok on the skis but really freaked out when he fell and couldn’t get back up. And he fell a lot at first.

The next morning we hit the ski slopes as soon as they opened. I hadn’t been on a pair of skis since 2004, Dusty the same, and Wyatt…never. But we had a near pro with us in M and figured she would help us out. It took no time to snag all the rental gear and make our way to the bunny hill.

Eventually we abandoned trying to teach him how to snow plow and instead told him to fall when he felt he was going too fast. Next thing I knew he was flying down those slopes way faster than me and with a huge face splitting grin.

We ended up staying out there skiing for 4 hours before we were all tired and cold. The day was near perfect with crisp blue skies and a high of 35F, but they ran the snow makers non stop and the icy mix coated you in seconds.

He would laugh as he fell and then wait for us to catch up and help him stand. By his last run down he was able to turn, dodge the growing crowds and even slide to a stop without falling. We did all 4 of the green slopes they had multiple times.

We handed back in the ski gear at 1230pm and headed back to the townhouse to change into….swim gear!

The afternoon was then spent at the indoor water park until we were all exhausted, dehydrated and starving.

Indoor water park fun!!! This is the only swimming picture I have as my phone was safely tucked in the dry locker.

I had spied a nice looking Italian Bistro on the drive up the mountain and we headed there for dinner once we were worn out from the tubes and slides. Dinner did not disappoint and we all crashed that night pretty early.

We left bright and early the next day and made it home around lunch time. We all laughed when we got out of the van into a 60F and sunny day. Why did we leave the warmth to go to the cold?? It was awesome though and worth the shivering.

I ordered mussels a while back and Wyatt asked to try one. He then proceeded to eat my entire dinner. Now he orders mussels any time they are on the menu. I love having a kid who eats anything.

After a quick nap, I jumped on the tractor to drag the arena for the first time since November then mowed all the non pasture grass we have as well. I would have loved to get the first pasture mowing done, but the big field takes 6 hours and I didn’t have close to that much time. The weather called for rain Mon-Thursday (which is proving true, ugh) which will limit the ability to work on the farm for a while again.

It was a perfect mini trip. The drive up was gorgeous, the resort perfect for our needs, everyone had fun and nobody got hurt. All my recent work related stress was long forgotten and honestly I feel so much and more refreshed for it. Now for the rain to stop so I can ride my beast before the CT on the 14th that I am signed up for!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway”

  1. Such fun!! I skied once and only once in my life in college up in West VA. Lets ust say that that Wyatt is a pro compared to me (I never did get the hang of it). BUT i was 21 so could go back to the cabin and drink!! 🙂 HA HA also we had a deep freeze that we ended up staying there 2 extra days (not that i wanted to) even the water froze up. It was horrible. SO NOT A FAN OF COLD…

    That indoor water park that is a totally different thing! 🙂 glad you guys enjoyed it!! 😉


  2. That water park is SWEET. I’m so glad you were able to get away for a fast, fun weekend. My apologies again for botching the dates; the shorter drive and water park sound like they were an exceptional alternative though! And I’m beyond impressed with Wyatt liking mussels. What an absolute gift to have a kid who isn’t a picky eater – he might be the only one I know!


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