2ptober Challenge

Emma (hey, look I learned how to add links!!) is hosting the two point challenge this month and I am so excited to get to play along this year. Two point in my endurance saddle was nigh on impossible to really do with the long endurance stirrups, so I watched and followed along last year. This year though I am full on participating.

A beautiful sunset over the pasture. 

My base line was pretty crappy at only 0:33.

I read all the rules, remember I am a strict rule follower, and while I held the two point longer than that my butt technically hit the saddle at the 33 second mark, so I stopped the watch then and continued to practice after. My biggest issue with this challenge is going to be Gem. Shocker, I know.

Mom! I know you are working, but pay attention to me instead! 

I decided to do it at the walk, which I find harder than at the faster more rhythmic gaits, but Gem is also easier to steer and manage at the walk. Well, I got up in my two point position and then Gem began jigging. Its hard to two point at the jig. Its a good learning experience for us both though. She needs to be rideable in the two point with my butt out of that saddle just like she is when I sit.

I got a cross country vest!!! I wore it for the firs time while getting my baseline ride in. I’m waiting to wear it a few more times to do a full on review of it, but so far so good. 

I’ve been working really hard lately at getting her to respond to my seat and have been playing around a good bit with leaning back more to get her to slow down or maintain the walk. I tend to lean forward all the time, so my feeling of leaning back is actually just sitting up straight. Progress is tough.

Take away this new aide for her and she was a bit lost. We managed though and she kept her brain in her head for the most part. I was also in my dressage saddle and I think next time I do it I will put her in the jump tack instead.

The good thing about a crappy baseline is that i have lots of room for improvement! I look forward to working hard on this and seeing how my times improve over the course of the month.

8 thoughts on “2ptober Challenge”

  1. I’m doing it too this year- my legs were burning after yesterday! Carmen is wondering what the heck I’m doing up there but it’s good for us. 🙂


  2. Yay I’m so glad you’re participating! And that baseline isn’t so bad – it’s actually pretty common I think (I know mine was always in the 30second range). It’s such good practice tho – esp for a hot little thing like Gem who wants to take every little excuse to run off into the sunset lol


    1. I rode again and already improved a lot. The good thing with Gem is that she is smart so once she understands the game she usually gets on board. The second time I did it she was more comfortable with the whole plan.


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