2018 Volunteer Challenge

May Volunteer Hours

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time. It’s time to pick a winner and give out a prize!

I have Emma (13 hours), Amy (8 hours) and Bette (13 hours) down for getting hours this month. Anyone else????

Remember the monthly drawing is purely random so even one hour gets you in!

I’ll pick the winner on Friday, so get your hours in to be by midnight.

8 thoughts on “May Volunteer Hours”

  1. looks good to me, thanks for hosting!!

    also i got to take out my new road ID on its first competitive cross country this weekend and must say that i LOVED not having to bother with the armband and its scritchy velcro!!!


  2. This is volunteer hours for anything?? Not just horse related?? HHmmm… I will have about 4 hours in by end of today- if it counts to help a friend pack for a move. This is a great idea!


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