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May Volunteer Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay. Friday was extremely busy at work and I ran out of time. But never fear the results are in!

May was the busiest month with 5 entrants!! Yay!!! Emma had texted me bowing out of the drawing having won two previous times which left Bette, Amy, Olivia and her Hubby in the random drawing.

may names

The winner is:

may winner.PNG

This month is really starting to heat up so I focused my search on ways to keep cool in the summer. Bette you get two items this month totaling around $20. Please email me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com so I can order and get them shipped directly to you.

This pad is a life saver during the summer. You soak it, wring it out and it stays ice cold all day long. Keep it in your cooler during a lesson or a show and wrap it around your neck between rides to stave off heat stroke. 
And for Chimi (and the rest of the gang) is a Himalayan salt block. Our three are devouring their salt block already this summer as the heat has arrived. 

For everyone else, thanks for giving your time back to the sport of your choice! These events, in any discipline, can’t happen without people giving their time.

June is the end of the second quarter. The prize is based on the person with the highest number of hours for that quarter and is valued at $50. The standings for the quarter looks like this to date:

Bette – 23
Emma – 21.5
Amy – 16
KC – 4
Olivia – 4
Her Husband – 4

There are five weekends in June with plenty of opportunity to get out there. The race is pretty close this quarter, so get out there and get your hours logged!

15 thoughts on “May Volunteer Challenge Winner”

  1. wooo congrats Bette!! and thanks as always Sara for hosting such a cool contest! i was out and about again yesterday (in the pouring rain, natch) stewarding the warm up at loch moy’s dressage festival for 9hrs, and will be back out there later this week scribing for a twilight eventing show.


  2. I did my first day of volunteering at IEA Horse Trials on Saturday. 9 hours of scribing for SJ meant I got to see all the training, BN, and starter rounds! Can’t wait to do it again.


  3. Finally kicked off my volunteer hours this weekend with a big chunk! Excited that things are finally looking alive around here! 😛


      1. Remus just licks his but literally has a 20 minute love fest with it after every meal. He goes into a ZEN Mode. I will have to get photos of it…


  4. Oh yay!!!! Chimi. LOOOOOVES those salt blocks so he’s going to be really excited about his prize!!! Plus OMG YES!!! It’s going to be sooooo hot at camp this summer so I will for sure be using the frog togg to keep myself from overheating at the barn! Thank you fro hosting this!!!


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