A New Blog If Interested

Not to annoy my captive audience but I created a new blog. If interested please check it out

Behind the Plexiglass Window

It has nothing to do with horses or my home life and everything to do with my profession and the state of health care in the US.

Daily I am shocked at how people treat health care providers and how little they understand what all goes into their care.

I read an article that 90% of all heath care providers will suffer physical and/or verbal abuse during their career. That’s laughable. I suffer abuse at the hands of my patients daily and I don’t know any provider who doesn’t.

The goal is education. The more you know the better equipped you’ll be to navigate the system when needed for yourself or a loved one.

Give it a try. My hope is that it helps break down the barrier between patient and provider and puts more power in the hands of the patient. After all. No doctor heals anyone. The best we can do is give you tools to treat yourself.

15 thoughts on “A New Blog If Interested”

  1. I think this has real potential! Thank you for setting it up. It’s such an odd state of affairs, with so much tension, considering everyone has the same goal: for the patient to be well. I often hear a lot about suicide and depression rates with veterinarians, but it seems like we bury the same reports for doctors.


    1. Mental health issues are major in human medicine as well. With vets (the hunt is a vet) there is a lot of emotional stress and taking the burden of euthanasia is hard. For human doctors I think it is the stress of having to heal others while feeling like you are in a factory job with ever increasing demands to see more yet get paid less. It’s a struggle

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  2. It’s a damn shame is what it is! I feel that everyone needs access to health *care*, but the consequences of everyone need to have health *insurance* has created a nightmare. And the only ones benefitting are the insurance companies. People forget that medicine is the art of applied science. No one can perform great art in a cog-driven factory setting.


  3. I work in an Emergency Dept so im painfully aware of how we get treated disrespectfully by the public daily. Every one of us in there has had verbal abuse, and many physical. People don’t want to hear that we are busy and they aren’t the sickest waiting, they want to just throw a tantrum until they get pushed to the top of the list to silence them. I so very much appreciate patients who are respectful, who realize how much extra we are often doing for them. Its a scary industry now and I dont begrudge anyone I know who burned out and left.


    1. It’s amazing the things patients do. I have people tell me daily “if you hurt me I’ll kick you in the face”. Uh? No. You won’t. Why even threaten that? It’s usually said with a chuckle but that’s not funny.


  4. You know I’ll follow along. My masters is in health administration and policy and I’ve worked in a few different roles across the admin side – most recently, I’m in Emergency Med and it’s so hard to see how hard our docs and APPs work and how they get treated. The ED has its own entire wild set of problems (in large part stemming from the insurance situation… UGH) and I could talk for days… I love talking about it, trying to problem solve, educate, but at some point when I’m told that as an administrator I’m the problem for the 1000th time or that it’s just selfish docs who want to make more $$ or hear the selfish “as long as I get mine” attitude it makes me just come home and tune out and never want to talk about healthcare again.


    1. I can only imagine the stories from the admin side. Health care is a mess from all sides. Hospitals charge ridiculous fees, insurance makes rules that hinder care, independent docs can’t see enough patients or keep up with new technology. It’s a big mess. I’d love to have a discussion with you about your point of view. It would be eye opening for me

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  5. I’m all for it and will definitely be following. I’ve been provider and patient, though at this point I have more experience as a patient than in my field, which is really weird to think about. In my short time (both paid and ‘volunteer’ while in school) I had multiple incidences with patients/clients, even though recreation therapy is supposedly “just arts and crafts” to everyone in healthcare – including insurance. From my perspective, pharma/insurance owns and controls the healthcare machine we (gov’t/providers/patients/researchers to an extent) are stuck powering. That said, I’m always learning and am up for hearing more perspectives like this since there’s so damn much to it.


    1. It’s a broken system on all ends. Physicians aren’t blameless in all this either and I’ll eventually get to that too but right now insurance rules the day and nobody realized how scary that is.


      1. As someone who tries really really hard to reconcile my treatment bills with my insurance statements, I find the system appalling. I don’t blame the individuals working for insurance companies trying to process claims in this byzantine system. I *do* blame whatever people/entities have evolved the system to this point. It’s a total mess and frustrating for everyone concerned.


      2. Exactly. The hospital systems and insurance companies are pocketing big money while everyone in the trenches fails. If I order an X-ray for a patient at the independent imagining center, it is $69. The exact same images at the same digital quality at the hospital? $1,500. For the same thing!!! It’s absurd


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